XK Retreat 2020: Is this retreat for ME?

Q: Is this retreat for ME?

A: Yes it is…

This retreat is for anyone who is on any sort of transformational life journey. This means you

If you are reading this right now, you belong here.
There are no accidents…
It is finally time for this to happen again, and it’s no coincidence you are finding out about it right now.
Come join us!

XK Retreats are NOT practitioner training seminars, as such, although you will learn more than enough XK to help all the people in your life who are important to you, including any clients you might have. This is something a little more special…

The retreats are more like yoga/spiritual/nature retreats, empowered by muscle testing, to allow people to support each other with individualized help, as they open up to who they really are. We use XK in these retreats to transform our lives as easily, as rapidly, and with as much support as possible… And because that’s what XK is actually for…

If all you want is technical practitioner training, just get the videos.

XK Retreats give you time away to refocus on your Self,
honor the Innate Intelligence within you,
and manifest your Dream,
with people who sincerely desire to share this journey with you.
These retreats call to people who are ready for them…

People on a path of conscious awakening…
People who want to become who they truly are, and to help each other through this energetic shift.
People like you…

This is your tribe.

And you can spend as much, or as little time with them as you choose. The jungle is vast enough to allow you all the alone time you need… and the retreat is intimate enough to give you all the one-on-one time you can handle.

You have probably noticed that there are some aspects of your normal daily life that do not fully accept you exactly as you are.

Nature does… It accepts you unconditionally, into the harmony and balance of all life. If you have issues that you are ready to release, Nature accepts them, cleanses them, and returns your energy back to you, purified.

Pura Vida… Pure Life

Pura Vida means Pure Life.

And there is more Life… more Nature… more Harmony in this part of Costa Rica than anywhere else.

Everyone is welcome at our retreats.
No previous experience is required… or even recommended.

Many who come to learn XK are, indeed, already chiropractors who have been doing Applied or Clinical Kinesiology for years.
They come to learn how to let go of the limitations of using pre-defined systems and just play with The Innate.
They already know that focusing on problems just creates more problems, but they don’t quite know how to get out of that loop.
It can be a challenge for doctors to let go of the idea of treating problems, but a great relief for them when they finally do.
People who have not been indoctrinated as doctors “get it” immediately.
The doctors just take a little longer.

If you’re not a doctor, you already have an advantage.
If you are, we will give you all the help and time you need to process through the issues this might bring up.

Come join us in paradise. Find out what Pure Vida really means.

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