XK is a radical way of using kinesiology (muscle testing) to literally ask the Innate Intelligence within an individual how we can best help them in the moment.

It is radical in its simplicity. There are no protocols. No flow charts. Nothing to memorize.

It is an open-ended conversation with The Innate. We surrender our preconceived notions of what we are supposed to do, and allow The Innate to ask for anything it wants. On its own terms. For its own reasons.

We use XK in our holistic chiropractic/acupucture/naturopathic practice, but that is only one possible application of XK.

We ask the Innate, “What can I do for you?”

We don’t ask, “How do we fix your body?”

The body gets healthier as a side effect of giving The Innate what it wants.

The actual goal is to respect each individual as a sovereign being, enough to get out of the way and offer them whatever they most need from us at this point in their path.

XK is an elegant way of communicating directly with the Innate Intelligence that lies within every individual. We simply ask it what it wants, using an easy-to-learn form of muscle testing… Then we do what it says. Anyone can easily master XK while they relax and play in paradise. The only prerequisite is a sincere desire to interact with people in the most profound way possible in order to help them along their journey on their own terms.

The following clips are from the XK training videos The Wisdom Within

Trailer from XK:The Wisdom Within
Trailer from Disc 2 of the 3-DVD set

Anyone can learn this deceptively simple method of helping people navigate the chaos and confusion of life during the immense changes taking place at this time. Join us out in nature and find out how easy it can be to let go of struggle and embrace the fullness of life.

If you can’t make it to a LIVE event, the training videos are the next best thing. They will also help you prepare for your LIVE event. But if you are coming to a retreat with us, don’t buy the videos here… You will get a free copy of the entire DVD set with your retreat.

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