Why we use XK in retreats

When people come together in nature, with the intent of consciously awakening to all that they are, there is a natural synergy that occurs… Any progress an individual makes, uplifts the others as well… so individual transformation is supported and facilitated by the energy of the entire group.

When this synergy is amplified through XK… something magical happens.

We teach people how to surrender their judgments and just ask the body what it wants.
It’s extremely simple…
For some people, it seems almost too simple… but only at first.
XK doesn’t have the rules or protocols of “kinesiology systems” you may have heard of. 

Because of this, the possibilities are infinite.
The Innate can literally ask for anything.
Your spirit is already doing everything perfectly.
We simply ask it what we can do to help you do whatever you came here to do.

We don’t believe in “problems” that need to be fixed.
Everything in your reality is there for a reason.
And, at some level, it is you who put it there.
You are a sovereign being alive with the spark of divinity.

We create circumstances in our lives to give ourselves experiences which will teach us what we came here to learn.
Then we judge them to be “problems” and want someone to fix them.
This is how we have always given our power away.
XK is a simple tool that can help us take it back.

Why would we want to rob you of a lesson you created for yourself?
How would that help you?
If we ask the Innate what it really wants, it can help you learn the same lesson, but without the need for the “problems” to continue.
Then they can dissolve on their own.

XK is just a conversation with your innate intelligence.

We connect with the innate “as a whole” and just ask what we can do right now for the highest good of all.

Then we use muscle testing to figure out what the innate has answered.
When we do it this way, the body asks for things that people can already do, or teaches them new things.
If they already know how to do some healing modalities (and many of these people do) then the body chooses between those, or teaches them something they don’t know yet.

Using XK in a magical location with consciously awakening people who want to transform their lives is exactly what XK is actually for. As we change on one level, we often need support on other levels. This is what XK does. It allows us to know exactly what people need, right when they need it… on their own terms.

So why do we use XK during retreats?

A better question might be, “Why doesn’t everyone?”

Come experience transformation enhanced with the power of XK, and find your tribe…