Getting Here

Getting here is part of the adventure… Think of it as a pilgrimage. The harder it is to get here, the more you’ll appreciate it once you have arrived… And the further out-of-your-usual-box you will be. XK is way out of the usual boxes people have, so starting like this makes it much easier to learn. The ancient mystery schools were often so difficult to get to, that the journey became the beginning of the process of transformation. Compared to that, this is no big deal.

The village of Matapalo is at the outermost point of the Osa Peninsula, in the southern Pacific coast area of Costa Rica. Known for its remoteness, Matapalo is a hidden paradise amongst jungle and ocean.  The cape, or “Cabo” itself is just the name of the tip of the peninsula.  The region indicated on the map is what they are calling the “village” of Matapalo… but it’s just a few cabana resorts, and one bar/restaurant (Martina’s Buena Esperanza) that’s a 22 minute walk from where we will be..

The basics:

Loveleen is here to help!