The 2020 XK Retreat in Costa Rica is SOLD OUT!

beach sunset

We have assembled an amazing group of participants, and are looking forward to a magical time in paradise.

If you would like to join the waiting list, please click the “Book Your Retreat Now” button, and then the “Join Wait List” button in the registration window.

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See you in paradise!

The XK 2020 Retreat is SOLD OUT!

Click the “Book your retreat now” button to find the button for the waiting list.

One magical week in February 2020. Join us in the jungle and on the beach for a week of intensive relaxation and personal transformation.

Unplug off-the-grid in a private all-inclusive retreat on five acres in Cabo Matapalo on Costa Rica’s wild Osa Peninsula.

February 15-22, 2020

See what’s included…

Why so early?

Why are we encouraging people to reserve their places at our magical Costa Rican retreat so far in advance?

Booking early allows you to spread the payments out over the whole year with no interest charges…

Actually, it makes a lot of sense…

  • There is nothing yet in the way that your ego can use as an excuse to prevent you from doing this for yourself…
  • You don’t yet have any plans for next year, so you can book this retreat now and make your personal transformation a priority for next year, without having to cancel anything else
  • You will have all the time you need to easily arrange your travel to paradise… Loveleen can help
  • Pick and choose between the best travel deals as they arise
  • You will have time to get to know the other participants in our private forum
  • Arrange your time-off before anyone else requests it
  • Get the exact room that you want before it’s gone
  • Have something awesome to look forward to all year long whenever your life gets a little challenging…
This is for YOU…

And, again, you will have the whole rest of the year to make easy payments.

XK 2020: Let Loveleen help you get to the retreat in Costa Rica

If you’ve seen our “Getting Here” page, you may be feeling like planning your voyage to Cabo Matapalo could be a bit overwhelming…

And it could be… if you didn’t have Loveleen.

Your personal travel concierge

As it turns out, Loveleen just happens to be a fully-qualified Travel Agent.

She would be more than happy to help you coordinate your travel to and from the jungle. If you would like to meet up with other retreat-bound travelers on your journey, please let her know.

She can’t wait to help you

As airline flight schedules become available, she will be watching for deals that correspond with your retreat schedule, and she can hook you up with others who are traveling at the same time.

She can also arrange your land transfers from Puerto Jimenez to our retreat property so won’t have to worry about it.

Getting here…

Meet Sanjeev…

your bartender during your stay in Costa Rica…

In his own words… A Chef, Coffee Connoisseur, Motorcyclist, Storyteller, and an all around Renaissance man. (James Bond could only wish he was like this guy)

The one and only Sanjeev…

When he’s happy, puppies are born.

When he’s angry, volcanoes erupt. 

When he laughs, the sun comes out…

But for this 1 week in paradise, he’ll be happy to make you cocktails using local Costa Rican ingredients. Cash bar only… Alcohol is not included in the price of your retreat.

Your personal bartender for XK2020 Costa Rica

“It’s worth signing up for the retreat just to be able to hang out with this guy.”


XK 2020 Costa Rica: What will I learn?

A Specialized Kinesiologist from Costa Rica just heard about our retreat and wanted to connect with us. She asked me if we teach specific (healing) “modalities” at these retreats, or just give a general introduction to muscle testing.

Here is my reply:

I just teach people how to surrender and ask the body what it wants.
It’s extremely simple…
For many people, it’s TOO simple… at least, at first.
XK doesn’t have any rules or protocols like the kinesiology “systems” do,
and because of this, treatment options are infinite.
We don’t start with a “problem”, or even a specific point of reference.
It’s just a conversation with the innate intelligence within the individual.

We connect with the innate “as a whole” and just ask what we can do right now for the highest good of all.
Then we use muscle testing to figure out what it has answered.
When we do it this way, the body asks for things that people can already do, or teaches them new things.
If they already know some modalities (and many of these people do) then the body chooses between those, or teaches them something they don’t know yet.

The retreats are not “practitioner training” as such, but many people go home and use what they’ve in their existing practices, or start new ones based entirely on XK.
The retreats are like yoga/meditation/nature retreats, empowered by muscle testing, so people can treat each other as they open up to who they really are.

Many who come to learn XK are already chiropractors who have been doing AK or CK for years.
They come to learn how to let go of the limitations of using pre-defined systems and just play with The Innate.
They already know that focusing on problems just creates more problems, but they don’t quite know how to get out of that loop.
It can be a challenge for doctors to let go of the idea of treating problems, but a great relief for them they finally do.
People who have not been indoctrinated as doctors “get it” immediately.
The doctors just take a little longer.

From my email reply to a Specialized Kinesiology instructor in Costa Rica

I thought that was a really good question that others might like to hear the answer to. If you have any questions about the retreat, or XK, or anything else at all, just let me know and I might put the answer in a blog post.

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